What Differences are There in Design Between the Ford Fusion and Fusion Hybrid?

At first glance, there is no essential difference between the traditional gas driven Ford Fusion trims and the Ford Fusion Hybrid models. Yes, the roofline of the Hybrid models are 0.2 inches lower than those of the conventional models, but when that difference is between 58.2-inches and 58.0 inches, the eye does not catch it well.

However, due to the addition of the electric motor and the larger Lithium-ion battery, there are noticeable changes in the interior of the vehicle. The trunk volume is four cubic-feet less, the fuel tank is smaller with 2.5 gallons less capacity, and the curb weight is nearly 200 pounds greater.

If you are happy with trading those small differences with nearly doubling your fuel economy while driving around town, then take a good look at this Hybrid at Fort Mill Ford.



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