The Ford Fusion continues to be one of the most popular mid-size sedans for families and individuals. The Fusion's eco-friendly platform is fantastic for the environment, and its tech features are fantastic, period. We here at Fort Mill Ford love that Ford Fusion's tech features accentuate eco-friendly driving. Here's how.

The Fusion leads the pack among hybrid vehicles, with three energy modes for you to choose from. EV Later mode conserves plug-in power for future use. EV Now mode primarily uses electricity in the present. Auto EV mode signals the use of electricity, with the gas engine kicking in as needed. Each mode gets wonderful city/highway mileage while reducing harmful emissions.

SmartGauage is your personal driving coach, helping you optimize your driving for maximum efficiency. With configurable left- and right-side in-dash screens, you can see engine power, battery power and how close you are to the gas/engine on-off boundary. As your driving becomes more efficient, the SmartGuage LCD screen flourishes with vines and leaves. Meet the Fusion for yourself. Swing by Fort Mill Ford today for a test drive.



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