Awesome Styling Options for the Ford Mustang

Automobile buyers who want to drive a hot sports car should check out the Ford Mustang. Featuring four seats, this iconic model comes in heritage-inspired trims at Fort Mill Ford.

A rear diffuser and the rear performance wing are available for the Mustang. Additional aerodynamic styling is provided by the rear decklid spoiler. This agile sports car could be fitted with 19-inch tires that are manufactured by Michelin. Designed to withstand high spin rates on the track, these high-performance tires are part of the brand's Pilot SportCup 2 series. A special kit with a tire inflater and sealant is optional in the car.

This Ford muscle car offers an exhaust system with quad tips and the patented NitroPlate design. The Quiet Start Mode minimizes the intensity of the sound that's produced by the powerful exhaust system. You'll announce your presence on the road by turning on the Sport Mode that generates roaring sounds.



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