The Ford Focus SEL Has Dozens of Features

Upon stepping into a Ford Focus SEL, you'll find many useful tools that can make everyday errands easier. If you buy this automobile, you'll take advantage of these great tools as you commute through various neighborhoods and suburbs.

This automobile has a 2.0L Ti-VCT motor under its hood. Near the hood, you'll find two LED lights with signature design elements. In the cabin, there is a CD player with 10 speakers. Comfort features are also included with the SEL, such as a power moonroof and a cooling system. When the moonroof is closed, the dual-zone cooling system can circulate cold, comfortable air around the entire cabin.

The Ford Focus SEL has many more features that appeal to passengers during road trips. If you want to check out Ford Focus SEL's HD radio and eight-inch console, you'll need to visit a dealer that sells Ford vehicles. Fort Mill Ford is a reputable dealership and a great place to gather a lot of information about the Ford Focus SEL.



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