See What the Ford Explorer Offers Savvy Car Buyers

Fort Mill Ford is passionate about informing prospective car buyers about the vehicle they are interested in, such as the Ford Explorer. This model gives us another chance to brag, and we are not going to pass up that opportunity.

One thing that can get a little dicey, especially in city environments, is parking. Parking can be difficult when spaces are compact, and the Explorer is a four-door, seven-passenger vehicle. Well, do not fret, this vehicle comes with a rear parking sensor to help guide you as you park your car.

Its powerful V6 engine offers power, but that does not mean it is not fuel efficient. The vehicle's Sequential MPI fuel system ensures you get a vehicle that could provide at least 24 mpg, which is not bad. Granted, you are going to have to take care your car if you want to maximize the efficiency. If you're ready, a test drive can help you figure out if this is the SUV for you.



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