What You Should Know Before Returning a Leased Ford

At Fort Mill Ford, we work hard to make the process of returning a leased vehicle as simple as possible. In the last few months of your lease, you'll have to make some preparations to return your vehicle and to make things easier we have compiled a few tips. If you follow this advice, you'll be ready to go when it's time to return your vehicle.

Lease Return Inspection

  • Ford requires that vehicles be inspected at the end of every lease for mileage and wear. The technicians at Fort Mill Ford will look for excess damage to paint, body panels, windows, tires, and more. They'll also look for defects in the engine and other systems. If more-than-normal wear or excess mileage is found, you may face extra charges.
  • To prevent these charges, we recommend getting your vehicle detailed before the inspection. Presenting your car as cleanly as possible may end up saving you more money. You should also remove any of your personal belongings or trash from the vehicle before returning it.

Required Materials Upon Return of Your Leased Vehicle

  • Certain items will be required for you to return the vehicle at no extra charge. Naturally, you will need all keys and key fobs that came with the car initially. You'll also have to return the car with its original floor mats and the owner's manual. Finally, we will ask for proof of your final loan payment and a signed odometer disclosure statement.

Other Lease End Options

  • Simply returning your car at the end of the lease isn't your only option. If you have enjoyed your lease experience, you can upgrade early to a newer model. Take a look at our new inventory to see which vehicle you may be interested in driving for a few years. If you have fallen in love with your leased vehicle and want to keep it, you can usually go ahead and purchase the vehicle for yourself. Our finance team can fill you in on the details if this is your preferred route.