What's the Difference Between a Ford Actuator and a Chevy Actuator?

Ford F-150 Actuator

Has an experienced mechanic told you that your vehicle's actuator must be replaced? You understandably want to educate yourself as much as possible about what this part does and what kind of component your vehicle needs. An actuator consists of either an electric motor or an electromagnetic valve. Their purpose is to control electronic systems in the vehicle. Are you wondering what the difference is between Ford actuators and Chevy actuators?

What You Need to Know About Your Vehicle's Actuator

The specific equipment in Ford and Chevy vehicles can vary by model, but both automakers generally use blend door actuators. Some of their models may also have camshaft actuators. These components can regulate the climate control system, the engine's idle speed, the air flaps that impact power and torque, fuel economy, and more. Because the actual actuator that may be damaged in your vehicle will be dependent on the vehicle's model and model year, you need to get specific information about your vehicle's needs from your certified mechanic.

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