Value Your Trade

Interested in selling your car? Follow these easy steps.

  • Use Black Book Online - a respected independent service that will share with you what your vehicle is worth today! 
  • Fill out the online form below - telling us as much about your vehicle as possible.
  • Instantly you will receive the estimated market value - an email will be sent immediately showing the value of your vehicle based on comparable vehicles in your market.
  • If you are interested in selling us your vehicle, visit us at one of our 100+ locations - participate in an active trade appraisal with a Sonic associate.

Selling or Trading In? Get In The Driver's Seat With Our Active Trade Appraisal Process

Tired of disappointing offers? Get to Fort Mill Ford and for your fair marketing value appraisal today!

We do things differently here. With our Active Trade Appraisal Process, we'll walk around your car with you and complete the process together!

Everything Is Up Front - Including The Price

At Fort Mill Ford we use a variety of tools to evaluate a fair price, upfront.

As part of our transparent process, we will show you the most up-to-date market data so you can have total confidence in our valuation.

A Fair Price Whether You Buy From Us Or Not

We never offer you a price based on whether you decide to buy from us. While we're always happy to sell you a new or used vehicle, we also need to increase our used car inventory.

That's why there's absolutely no obligation to buy! You'll get the same value either way, and you can choose to leave with a check in your hand if you prefer.

Blind Appraisals Are Not Enough. Bring Us Your Car Today!

While our appraisal process takes just few minutes, at Fort Mill Ford we understand that some people prefer to get their quick appraisal over the phone. We hope you understand that we cannot provide you with the most accurate appraisal without seeing it in person.

However, we are able to accommodate non-local guests with a Sight Unseen Appraisal Form that can be filled out via email. We can email you back a conservative ballpark valuation, but we can only give you a final evaluation if we see your car.

Our Active Trade Appraisal Process Is One More Way We Give You A Fast, Simple, Stress-Free Experience.

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